Seeing is Believing..

Here's How It Works

Simply put our lotion on anything that may have come in contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac while you were in the woods. Then just wipe it off and you can forget about the rash! Just in case you missed it, check out our video at the top of the page for a demonstration of exactly how Aitex works!

These poisonous plants are widely spread throughout the United States. No matter what your hobby is, everyone that loves the outdoors should carry Aitex.


"The best thing about this product apart from the fact that it works very well, is the pleasant aroma. It’s easy to use, and so far I have had no poison ivy rash since using it."

- William C from Connecticut 

"I bought it because I had been using Tecnu which worked well for me, but I was running low on it and instead found your product online and decided to try it as it seemed similar and I never want to risk running out. 
As I look at the product ingredients I see they are nearly the same, but yours has aloe vera and smells better. I also like that the bottle has a nice clean label and includes basic pictures of what these plants look like. "

-Blair H  from Kansas

"I’ve used it twice and no rash. Works well"

- Gerald V  from Iowa

Involved in the outdoor community

Sponsoring Disc Golf Leagues & Events

Aitex sponsors year round leagues for our local club: DGU or disc golfers union. We sponsor tournaments as well, including last years Mid America Open.  The single best event you haven't played yet.

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Teaching kids Disc Golf!

One of our co-founders Alex, teamed up with Discmania pro Kyle Opfer to teach local kids the sport of disc golf! At the Rolling Knolls course in Elgin, IL.

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Spring is coming...

Co-founders Alex & Mohi were out enjoying an early spring round at the Sunset park DGC in Bartlett, IL.  A few weeks from now this same area will be lush green and its been a hot spot for poison ivy in years past!

Where is Poison Ivy?

What is AITEX® made out of & why?

Deionized Water: Pure water used throughout the cosmetic industry

Deodorized Mineral Spirits: A common organic solvent used to remove harmful poison ivy/oak oils from the skin

Propylene Glycol: A viscous fluid that helps mix our ingredients together and is very common in the cosmetic industry. We choose to use FOOD GRADE propylene glycol instead of cheaper versions because as we always say, Aitex® was made with your skincare in mind

Witch Hazel: Commonly used in remedies to soothe skin and reduce inflammation, reduce skin irritation, and protect the skin. You can see why we thought it would be smart to include it! Additionally, witch hazel can close your skin pores and prevent poison ivy/oak oils from getting in!

Aloe Vera Juice: Used throughout the cosmetic industry because it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals and hydrates the skin. Let’s be honest, you’ve seen this as an ingredient in almost everything

Carbomer: A powder that thickens our liquid ingredients into an easy to apply gel/lotion

Fragrance: We hope you love our Eucalyptus Spearmint scent. We don’t need to tell you smelling good is important. Have a recommended scent? Email or DM us, we’d love to hear about it!

Diazolidinyl Urea and Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate: These impossible to pronounce ingredients are used to prevent bacteria, fungi, and other unwanted organisms from growing in our product and getting on your skin

As you can see, Aitex® was made with your skincare in mind.

We use just enough mineral spirits to get the job done and then several ingredients are in place for your skincare and peace of mind.

All of our ingredients are sourced from U.S. suppliers and Aitex® is manufactured and distributed here in America.

Where can I apply AITEX?

Is it safe to use on my face? Am I allergic?

We get it, your face is precious. We think so too! We had a lot of options when it came to ingredients, but with your skincare in mind we chose ingredients that rarely cause an allergic response and are already seen in facial cosmetic products. That being said, everyone is different and there is a chance you may have some skin reaction. We’re sorry if your skin reacts in a bad way but know that we tried our best to minimize the chance from day one. 

If you use Aitex® on you, your child, or your pets, please keep it out of their eyes and prevent them from ingesting it. If these occur, follow the directions on the bottle.

"You NEED this in your disc golf bag"

"A must-have for the outdoors!"