About Us

Our Story...

 Mohi is pictured on the left, Alex on the right and in the center the culmination of their combined efforts.


Humble Beginnings

Co-founders Alex and Mohi grew up in the West suburbs of Chicago and have known each other since 1st grade. Both grew up hiking, fishing and playing in the woods.

In high school they discovered the sport of disc golf and it became something they played every day of the summer.

College Bound and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Alex went to the University of Missouri and naturally joined the Columbia Missouri Disc Golf Club--one of the oldest in the sport. Here he learned a lot and started playing in tournaments. To pay off his loans, Alex sold t-shirts and helped homeless veterans while continuing to improve at disc golf.

Mohi got a B.S. in Bioengineering from University of Illinois at Chicago and graduated with a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University in 2018. Mohi networked and learned from the entrepreneurship community in NYC, but put a Midwest spin on his ideas about running companies.

Aitex LLC

After many talks of starting all sorts of companies together while in college, Alex and Mohi started Aitex LLC in 2018. After realizing how poison ivy, oak, and sumac were everywhere in U.S. and how many disc golf players had issues with these plants, they went to the 34th Mid America Open and the 11th Jefferson City Open to play and talk to players about what people wanted in their product. It was clear that poison ivy was everywhere and that this was a problem that needed solving. After a summer of development and listening to players, Mohi and Alex made their own formula as a product FOR disc golfers BY disc golfers and launched the business.

Even with the business up and running, Alex and Mohi continue to play in local leagues and travel to tournaments. If you see them out on a hike, fishing trip, or at a disc golf tournament, please say hello!